Yoga Bingo, 2016 edition!

Have some fun with your practice this summer, build community, and support the studio. There's no cost to play, you can start any time, and it's up to you whether you play a little or play a lot.

Come and PLAY with us, July 11 - August 31.

How it works:

Choose your challenges randomly and just have fun, or plan to create a shape and win.

Official game cards are posted on the wall at the studio. Stickers are available at the front desk to mark your squares. To play along unofficially or to be reminded of the challenges, see this year's version of the Bingo card HERE.

Win with a line/column, T/X, or a full card.  Be the FIRST to fill that shape and win a prize.

  • Notify the front desk immediately to verify your card. (by email, phone call, or in person) We will wait until evening to allow for all possible winners each day. If multiple participants submit a Bingo! on the same day we will do a mini draw for the prize. Each person will receive a submission into the final draw.

Each class or event counts for only ONE square, maximum ONE square per day. One prize per person.

How will we verify? Classes are recorded in your visit log so please make sure to check in for classes! For items we cannot track, we will use the honour system. Taking a photo helps, which can then be posted to our Facebook page, emailed to the studio, or tag us on Instagram.


Line/column:  Choice of Conscious Ink single tattoo or card

T/X:  Take 40% off ONE retail item

Full card:  One free month of Unlimited yoga!

Final draw for all shapes achieved:  A free workshop at Yoga Connections

 * Retail prizes and free month to be used by December 31, 2016. Workshop to be used between September 2016 - August 31, 2017.