Welcome! Are you completely new to yoga and/or spin or just new to the studio and not sure which classes to start with? We have two different introductory offers and which one you choose will depend on your comfort level. 

  • Ready to explore and take regular group classes? We invite you to take advantage of our Intro Month Offer.

This offer is available to new yogis, brand new riders, and wanna be Barre stars.

This offer gives you 31 consecutive days to take an unlimited number of regular classes (yoga, barre, and/or cycle) for just $50 + tax. It's the best way to try different classes, get to know the teachers, and see how our wellness classes fit into your schedule. As part of this package we're happy to offer 20% off any yoga products you might need and discounts on your next pricing option if purchased before your month expires. Click HERE to get started!

If you'd rather buy in person at the studio you're welcome to but we still suggest that you sign up for class (unpaid) to save your space and create an online profile in the process, it saves time the first time you visit!

* If you are brand new to yoga or cycle please make sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before class starts. We want your first visit with us to be a positive experience! This time is especially important for cycle classes as we need to determine your shoe size and help with bike set up so you are comfortable and ready to ride.


  • Need a bit more guidance and not ready to join group classes just yet? Then our Beginners Series: Intro to Yoga is just the thing for you! In this series-based class (run once a week for 4 weeks) we will strive to answer your questions and build a solid foundation for beginners or those looking to review the basics. The series is bundled with our Intro Month Offer which you can activate whenever you feel ready to join our regular classes.

    Our next Beginners Series for yoga will start some time in October, please watch for dates soon.

* If you prefer a daytime or a weekend time slot, please email to let us know and we'll make arrangements for another series based on demand.

  • Are you wanting to try spin but feeling intimidated by the intensity of a regular class and worried about all the things you need to know? Our next Try-Cycle spin clinic is:

    Friday, October 18th at 7:00 pm

    Follow this link to the details and registration: http://bit.ly/Try-Cycle_Clinic